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Dream Weaver was born back in 1990, and until the mid 90"s they recorded a promo tape plus an official demo. They also gave few concerts, but had to lay back for some years, due to personal reasons...

The rising on the new millennium, brought back life to the band, and with new members on board, they released a mini cd, plus their first full length album. The band also gave numerous live shows, with some really great response from Greek metalheads and press. The high standards that the guys had in their mind though, made them wait, until the right time was there...

The band emerged into the new decade, stronger than ever before!
Having decided to make the best out of the production, they chose George Alamaras and George Florakis at N.U.R.V. Studios.
For the final mastering, the work was sent to George Marino at the Sterling sound studios in New York, USA.

The new album MYTHREAL is finally released !

Solid rhythm section, great guitars and fully passionate vocals are present through all the 10 tracks of this record. 47 minutes of dark and melodic metal that creates the unique Dream Weaver feeling and atmosphere.
No keyboards, Power riffing and melodies that stick to your mind. Surely the best work of the band up today.

20 years and on... the Weaver is back!

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From Manilla Road, Jag Panzer, Heir Apparent and Iron Maiden, to In Flames & Coheed and Cambria...

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